We offers comprehensive training programs for competitive and recreational Artistic Gymnastics in Dubai.

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Dubai Elite Gymnastics Academy : Home of future Elite Gymnasts

Parents are requested to familiarize themselves and abide by the club rules listed below. Kindly ensure that the club rules are fully understood and followed by the children

Terms of Payment

  1. Please be informed that we have to collect the full payment first class of each gymnast (this applies to all our gymnasts). Collection of the payment has to be done before the class starts must be in cash or cheque for the same date under the name of (Dega Gymnastics Club). We can’t split the payments.
  2. Payment is not refundable or transferable to the next term.
  3. Payment and session are not transferable to other gymnasts.
  4. We only offer refund in case of injury with the doctor certificate and approval that child can’t perform gymnastics.
  5. Without the payment at the beginning of the gymnast first class we will not able to let the gymnast take the class as this creates disorganization in our records.

Arriving / Leaving Gymnasium

  • Gymnasts should arrive at classes on time as participation in the warm-up is of utmost importance.
  • Gymnasts and their guardians who arrive to class early are requested to wait quietly in the provided seating area and not move freely around the gymnasium as to not disturb the class that is still in progress.
  • Gymnasts may only attend classes they are registered for at the beginning of the term.
  • Gymnasts should be collected from their class on time. Parents should make necessary arrangements to ensure timely arrival to the gym for pick up.

Gymnastics Attire

  • Gymnasts must be dressed appropriately. Girls should wear a gymnastics leotard (note that plain ballet leotards are allowed as long as they don’t have an attached skirt or frills). Boys should wear a vest and a pair of shorts.
  • Any kind of jewelry or wrist watches should not be worn.
  • Long hair should be tied back off the face. Girls should only use soft hair bands to avoid injuries or damage to equipment.

Class Discipline

  • Gymnasts are expected to be respectful of coaching staff and other gymnasts.
  • Gymnasts are expected to listen to their coach and follow instructions carefully.
  • Gymnasts should never go on any apparatus unsupervised or without permission from a coach.
  • Gymnasts must ask their coach’s permission to leave the class if they need to get a drink or go to the toilet.
  • Chewing gum is strictly not allowed during class.
  • Gymnasts should behave a listen to the coach during the class once gymnast’s caught not listening and creating noise during the training, coaches are allowed to sent the gymnast’s out of the class to prevent disruption of the group.

Parents / Visitors

  • Parents present at the gym during class should use the gym seating area only.
  • Siblings present during class must sit quietly in the gym seating area. They should not go to the training area, onto any apparatus or climb across the tiered seating structure.
  • Parents and siblings should keep the noise level to a minimum as to not interfere with the class in progress.
  • Parents should not interact with gymnasts during class verbally or though gestures as it has proven to disrupt the class.
  • Parents should not approach coaches during the class for a discussion but find time to talk to the coach if necessary outside of designated class time.


  • Fees are charged per term.
  • All term fees must be paid on the first class of the new term.
  • Registration fee of Dhs.100 is charged per each academic year.
  • A trial class is charged as per club hourly rates.
  • 2 makeup classes are allowed per term provided spaces are available within the program. Makeups should be requested and approved in advance.
  • No refunds are offered under any circumstances.
  • Fees are not transferable to another child.


  • Gymnasts should bring a labeled bottle of water – note that drinks are not available for purchase in the facility.
  • Gymnasts are advised to not bring any valuables – as the club is the hirer of the facility, We are not responsible for any loss of property during classes.
  • Parents and gymnasts are expected to treat the facility and equipment with respect and consideration.